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2017-05-02 22:19:17

Portsmouth Lottery!

2016-09-19 18:01:46

We've launched on Portsmouth Lottery!
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The Trinity Stage

2014-01-28 16:25:16

Work continues each week on the stage and the band of people helping out is ever increasing with recent additions Ed, Martin and Linda whom we are very grateful too. The stage has been sanded and painted black, backdrops and the flats painted and prepared for the show and the rostrums have been built. It’s definitely progressed a lot in the last year. If anyone has any photos of the stage before we began work last year then please could you send them to

Request - If you have any spare pieces or tiles of carpet that you either don’t need or would like to lend to the Phoenix then please let us know. We need them to cover the stage backstage to soften the sound shoes make on the wooden flooring.

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